Tuesday, January 31, 2006

well this has been a week of serious ups and downs.

Had a great few first shifts at my new job- went drinking with my coworkers and feel like i have a few new good mates. had a great chat with my old boss at cafe remy and there are no hard-feelings there... then got sick during one nasty day 43 degree day and had to call in sick to work. found out 3 days later that they took me off the schedule this week as punishment. so- have to look at it positively: i'll likely be back to full-time next week once joe feels that i've learned my lesson not to fall sick *rolls eyes*, and i've got a week's vacation right now!

went to see "the producers" yesterday, and can't wait to see Brokeback Mountain soon.
[all tv and movies are released later than north america here]

and the best part of this month- i went flying!!! :) An "aerochute" is a powered parachute that allows you to glide around the sky from ground level to 1500 feet and up. I got up at 5am to be able to do this over a cow-pattie field in Werribee, north of the city. so cool. I even chased down a group of wild kangaroos by swooping over them from the air.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


that's what i get for not keeping up with the news.
ok, so i know there are a lot of fuck-knuckles out there, but i didn't realize the country was going to fall to pieces while i was gone. HARPER got elected?!? how the hell did that happen? i hope all of you at least voted. cripes. so much for all the gains we've made in the last 5 or 10 years vis a vis left/realist agendas.

*kicks rock*

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Job.. sort of.

Starting my first shift at my new job tonight. The change was all part of far too much drama, involving my housemate dating my boss, then getting mad at him after finding out he was sleeping with one of my co-workers, then my boss cutting my hours and giving them to the other girl. SO- I figure it's probably a good idea to get out now. If I can manage it, I'll be shifting over to full-time next week at another restaurant down the street. which is probably a good thing because the pay might be better and they're busy, so I should do better on tips.

Going to the 'Australian Open' Tennis tournament was très cool- seeing Venus& Serena Williams, Ljubecic, Federer and others from just a few metres away. I was never into tennis before, but now that I actually understand it, I'm hooked! What we havn't seen live, we've been watching on the "telly" all week.

Otherwise, met some awesome people this weekend, and becoming more involved in the glbt community here. Went to a drag king show last week and this week is the "midsumma" festival [pride-week]. If all works out well, I'll also be flying high over the city this saturday morning, in an "Aerochute" [engine-powered-gliding-parachute-thing].. will let you know how it goes.

Monday, January 02, 2006

time ticks by

Welcome to 2006. This year, I am proud to say that I celebrated it instead of mourning it. I spent New Years Eve at a restaurant rooftop overlooking fireworks on the beach, with 3 other women, and no men.
My New Year rolled in a full 15 hours prior to Halifax, and I woke up Lenny at 9am to tell him so :)
Unfortunately, Melbourne's winds decided to die off New Years Eve, leaving us stranded in 43 degree heat!!! Since it was too hot to function, we were left with really only one option- drink to keep cool! Our dinner came with the best words in the english language: unlimited alcohol.

Prior to that... Sydney was ok, very "Toronto-ish", but on my last day there I met up with Anthony- a friend of Tan's who took me all around the city and suburbs in his little convertable mx-5. Some beautiful little coastal areas that make you feel like the city is miles away.
When I got back, I spent a couple of days down on the Mornington Peninsula [just over an hour south of the city] with Tania at her friend's summer trailor at the beach. the "caravan park" is like an australian Desperate Housewives- full of gossipy women. two days was definately enough for us.
I could definately get used to this whole not-working thing... however next week it's back to work. This week I'll be taking a bus tour of Phillip Island to see penguins and koalas- an excellent xmas gift from mom and dad :)