Wednesday, March 22, 2006

how the universe provides

after being unemployed for a week and panicking that i'd have to leave byron and move to brisbane or some other big city to find work, i've now been offered a job driving a shuttle bus for the hostel, but turned it down in favor of staying at reception: 35-40 hrs/week. yay money :)

and for all those who contacted me about the cyclone- no fear, it did not hit byron bay. it's a bit rainy, but otherwise fine. there seems to have been a large amount of snakes around this week- maybe because of the weather. the 13 foot python was cool but mostly safe, as opposed to the rough scale that bit one of our long term aussie staff 3 times yesterday. he was immediately flown to tweed heads hospital since byron had no anti-venom for some reason.. i think i'll start using my flashlight on the campgrounds at night.

playing a lot of guitar these days, heading off now to meet a friend for a jam.

Friday, March 17, 2006

went for a surfing lesson today. and got stung repeatedly by blue-bottle jelly fish. they're tiny, blue, and evil. they leave burn marks shaped like suction-y tentacles wherever they hit you. my thighs are covered in zig zaging dotted lines.
however, i have now successfully surfed some little waves :)

oh, and i got a new bed [read: old flat-ish foam pad] last week, meaning i have space to stand in my tent and i'm no longer sleeping on a half-delfated air mattress. things are looking up.

jumped over a rather large carpet python yesterday on my way back to the tent. i thought it was a vine until i realized it was in the middle of the path. they're not too bad though. just don't tick them off.

happy saint patty's day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

one month in paradise

yesterday was my one month anniversary at the arts factory. and i have paid work again this week! which is good because now i can eat again. :)

last weekend charlie and i stayed the night at her friend isaac's place. isaac lives on the top of a mountain in the rolling hills and jungles surrounding the little neighbouring town of mullumbimby. he lives with his dad and little sister in a completely self-sufficient house running on solar power, compost toilets, and an ample organic garden. the rooms are little cabins connected together by boardwalks through the trees. we swam in the creek and covered ourselves in different colours of oka- a natural clay that aboriginals once painted themselves with for war or ceremonial purposes. some pics are now available on the slideshow.

i have to admit though- as i was being driven into the mountain after dark, i began to feel a little bit "wolf creek"ish. it was a great time though, and i look forward to hiking the mountain in search of geods next time.

Monday, March 06, 2006

long live the sun above us

yesterday the rain stopped; the jungle hut was empty as our entire village fled to the beaches.

last night charlie and i went to a meditation session with alise. it was held in an immense green teepee down a candle lit path in someone's forested back yard. the floor of the teepee was covered in warm persian rugs of deep reds and golds, and in the center was a roaring fire. candles hung from the high peak, with fresh flowers coiled down the chain like wild vines. after the calling of the elements and the smudging with smoke, water, and earth on our faces, the 11 of us began the slow descent into an hour long meditation with three unified Oms.
when i returned and the smoke cleared, many things had washed away with it, and the path was once again visible.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

'and so it continues both day and night'..

1 week later, and it's still raining. we're all going a bit stir crazy. someone at the camp ground bought paints and brushes, so now the jungle hut has become like preschool art class.

however, the jungle is a magical place in the rain. the tree frogs come out to play, and the mosquitos hide away.