Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Phone!! Home for a Visit!!

It took a little while, but I finally have my own phone- it's a very pretty little Telus "Pantech" and I'm in love with it. I could play with it all day, but then I'd get fired from my job..

so- new number is local to sackville and moncton: 506-878-7383
please call me- i have no contact with anyone anymore.

However, I think I'll be making a visit to Halifax this weekend with Lenny- so will anyone be around???

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Where there's smoke...

It was a long stressful night here in Sackville, after I looked out my window at 9:30pm and found the building across the street going up in flames. After a closer inspection, the whole block was beginning to catch and evacuations of near by buildings was taking place. 4 neighbouring fire departments had come to aid.

I stood on the street with lenny's brother in law [and the rest of the town] for 4 hours and watched as the flames leapt nearer and nearer to their family restaurant. [Lenny is currently in NS for a friend's bachelor party] By 1:30am it looked as if the whole street was going down. But the fire departments continued to soak the brick fire-walls and wooden rooflines connecting them all, and by 3:30am most of the flames had subsided, leaving a smoking heaving shell.

This morning construction had begun on tearing down the reckage and hoses continued to spray water on the ashes. The assessment of the restaurant wasn't great- but could certainly be worse. No fire had gotten through the brick work. The basement was flooded with 8" of dirty water, the computer systems, walk-in freezers and fridges were ruined, and the upstairs had suffered bad smoke damage.

Today I babysat for Matteo my soon-to-be nefew, while anna and trent attempted to help cater a wedding that was scheduled for this afternoon. They moved the reception to a neighbouring tavern and everyone in town pitched in all their resources to help.

Currently we're having a hail-storm, and after only 4 hours of restless sleep, I need a nap.