Monday, December 27, 2004

Inspired by Andy
"Hey Santa" - by Kevin Bloody Wilson.

Well things change so bloody fast
I got children now of me own
Now I heard 'em unwrap their presents
Last night when I got home

Santa claus you cunt
Where's my fucking bike
I've unwrapped all this other junk
There's nothing what i like

I've wrote you a letter
And i've come to see you twice
You geriatric wanker
Where's my fucking bike

If i wanted a pair of fucking shoes
I would've fucking asked
This cowboy suit and ping-pong set
You can stick right up your arse

You went and mucked my order up
It's enough to make you spew
It's not just me that's pissed off
My sister's cheesed off too

Santa claUs you cunt
Where's my fucking pram
You promised me you fucking cunt
You know who I am

'Cos I'm the little girl
You made sit right on your hand
Never mind your ho ho ho
Where's my fucking pram

Next time i go to see him
I'm gonna punch him in the guts
Set his fucking reindeer loose
Kick rudolf in the nuts

Just you wait til next year
'Til we get to that store
A mate of my little sister
'll come stomping through that door

Hey mums and dads just check his breath
And watch his bloodshot eyes
Don't listen to him boys and girls
'Cos he tells fucking lies

He's a pisstake and a pervert
He's not even fucking bright
'Cos that fucking wanker
Forgot my fucking bike

Hey santa claus you cunt
Where's my fucking bike
I've unwrapped all this other junk
There's nothing what I like

I wrote you a fucking letter
And I came to see you twice
You geriatric wanker
Forgot my fucking bike


ok, i've been in the house all day with jamie, sarah, and jesse.
i'm done. it's enough now. if i have to hear one more of jesse's rants about the auto shop, or being a prick customer, or how crappy it was to grow up next to a native reserve....
i've gone through all my rented dvd's of The O.C., played ytoo many games, even had a nap just to make time pass. please please please, promise me i will see some of you tomorrow- one way or another???
when my parents get home tonight i'll ask if i can host our dinner party thing since Kait's water is still out.
and then, i wanna get drunk and see my christophizzle.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

My Big Fat non-Christmas Tree

we have the biggest tree ever this year. mom says it's too big. dad and i are teaming against her. i love it. so far i've spent every minute i've been home with at least one member of my family, at all times. and i'm not going nuts. we've played scrabble, uno, 'you don't know jack', watched movies, gossiped, cooked, argued, drank copious amounts and types of alcohol, and even been to xmas eve mass.

but i noted that this year no one really looked at the ornamental manger, mom didn't say any prayers at church, and sarah, jesse, and jamie skipped mass altogether. looks like non-denominational xmas has really kicked in at the amirault residence. it's been building for a few years, and i think the only reason mom goes to mass is to see some people in the community that we only see that once a year.. at least that's the only reason i go. dad only goes cause he feels guilty and mom wants him too, hehe. it's about tradition. it's about singing carols altogether as st. margaret's community in a tiny and poor old wooden building with stained-glass windows.

i'm hoping for a short trip to Pubnico on monday- in order to at least quickly see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and little cousins. brandy and shelby are already 8 and 10 yrs old, i can't believe it. where was i going with this? oh well. i guess you just get to read about my family for now.

Friday, December 24, 2004


we were at his place- all the usual suspects were in town- only i was meeting them for the first time. great guys. there were drinks and smoke and we were laughing until late hours. then someone said something about sneaking around like a stealth ninja. i laughed, then started to feel weird. dug two fingernails in the back of my neck and told myself to get over it. it's gonna happen, and keep happening. just gotta keep on.

it really was a great night. and a great week.
the girls didn't win the hockey game, but they put up an awesome fight. 'Coach Zappia' is obviously adored by the whole team.
3 days never went by so fast.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Smells like Pine

I got in on thursday, Sarah flew in from Ottawa yesterday, Jesse comes in on christmas eve, and the house will be officially full. The fridge is so packed with food, it was like playing tetris trying to get everything to fit. We spent the day cleaning house and making decorative arrangements with pine and holly. Tonight we're putting up the xmas tree and having a belated birthday celebration for Jamie, who turned 20 on monday. We may not be the kind of family that spends an hour on the phone together everyday, but damn we pull it together when it counts.

Hope to see you all tonight, Sarah and I will probably meet y'all at Pitchman's. [Incidentally, what street is Pitchman's on? I can't remember where it is, or where I can park....]

Also.. I'm trying to use caps again. I don't know why. I don't think I like them.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

some things
in no particular order or for any particular reason

-i hate the cold. if it didn't mean being in jesusland, i'd move south in a mili-second.

-i am non-confrontational.

-some day i want to order chinese food that comes in those little folding paper boxes.

-i just bought blue tights, and i'm trying to decide if i have the guts to wear them.

-i very rarely get stressed about much of anything, but buying gifts for boys stresses me right the fuck out.

-carolyn thinks i don't "express" my feelings, and is scared i'm going to blow up one day.

-i insist that i just don't *have* super strong feelings about most things.. consequently i've been called cold, detatched, and unexcitable on several different occasions.

-i want to fly up through the perfect skies of your baby blues.

-i want to be in at least 3 separate places in september. i'm not sure how i'm going to choose.

-come away with me- ...any takers for europe?

-my bedroom windows have ice between the panes of glass. they will be in a state of opaque permafreeze all winter long.

-i'll be home for chrsitmas, you can count on me. be home tomorrow, either by bus or car.. apprearently jamie's thinking about driving up for me again this year. wicked!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just fucking beautiful

so here's the thing- there's a phrase that works really well if you don't feel like coming out; it goes like this- "i don't feel like going out tonight." it's a lot better than saying "yea, i'll be there" and then not showing.

so here i am, on a monday night, at the pub, drinking alone. with charles, the bartender.
shelley had a paper [excusable, and she let me know]
jill "got pizza" and never answered her phone after that.
jen never showed.
lenny never showed and isn't answering his phone.
carolyn- my roommate and closest friend most of the time at mta- and sarah came to the pub *with* me, then went for a "smoke break" and never came back.

now THAT pisses me right the fuck off.
it's cruel and irrational.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Woot Woot!

I'm done, I'm done, I'm done.

wrote my last exam this morning, with no studying [quite literally] after staying up until 2am watching TV with friends.. and i've come to the conclusion that i couldn't fail anything if i tried. i got my history essay back [formerly known as the never-ending-essay-of-death]. it was the crappiest essay i've ever written. i took about 7 pages of an anthropology essay on nationalism/symbolism i'd already written for another course, slapped in some chinese film analysis and some weak and loosely bound historical background - which turned out to be false - and got an A-.

how can i get an A- on a history essay using incorrect historical evidence? and i can't even claim i'm riding on my reputation this time, since i'd never had this prof before.

but i've now moved on to the "don't question it.. just go with it" approach. i'm done. one semester left. i'm *this* close. and now, i get a few days to do everything... or nothing... before heading home.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

One. More. Exam.

48 hours. i can't wait. i really can't. this morning i acutally caught myself contemplating whether or not i could pass the course without writing the exam at all. [i can, but i won't].
This morning's exam went pretty well, despite my spending last night cooking dinner with the neighbours [roasted hoisen sesame chicken with sweet rice and a spinich/lentil salad] and watching DVD episodes of the O.C. [i can understand why people get hooked on it, but it's really not that good a show...]

I'll be done monday, and home thursday i think... a few days to recoup before heading back. besides, i did that drive last monday- i need more than a week between long car trips.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get ready-

yes. it's picture time.

Sarah's awesome pencil drawing from years ago that she finally got scanned. Click to enlarge any of these images.. Posted by Hello

Drinking hats at the staff party a while ago.. i stole someone's baseball helmet. Jen looks better than dave in his own cowboy hat though Posted by Hello

yes ok, i'm a big looser and i like tooking tough, ok?
Charles aka Rambo. Posted by Hello

Got yer tickets?.... To the GUNS SHOW?
Adam aka Jebus.. with a ripped shirt. [why, just why?] Posted by Hello

oh, and the nakedness ensues.. Posted by Hello

at the holiday ball: Jill C, Jill P, me, Charles Posted by Hello

Shelley and Scooter.... in big hats. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Chocolate Kaluah Geertzian Anthro?

Ok, so now that the 1st exam is overwith
[which was exceptionally easy... so easy i'm concerned that there was a catch. AND our prof made us chocolate kaluah cheesecake to eat during the exam!! wicked]
i can tell you about my weekend.

the concert was amazing.
lenny and i drove down sunday afternoon, took a quick tour of the casino, since we were staying at the casino hotel. wandered barrington and found an irish pub for a small supper and some beer. bar-hopped a few streets over towards the metro center, then wandered up to our sky-box in time to meet the host before the opening band. [Joel Plasket.. whom none of the 8 of us in the box had ever heard of...?]. the crowd was in great spirits, filling the entire center with clouds of sweet-smelling smoke, wafting up to the box.
got free food and beer in the box, and an awesome view from right over top of the stage. about 3/4 of the way through, our host offered us left-over lower bowl seats, so we switched it up and caught the tail end in the crowd, jumping and dancing for the 3 encores!! of two songs each.
..gord was in rare form, on 3 separate occasions riding his mic stand like a pony.
afterwards, we headed over to the economy shoeshop, where we ran into another couple that had been in the box with us, and were joined by lenny's freind theo from halifax.

the next day, we headed out and met with carolyn's boyfriend andre, because we had agreed to transport Kitcha- her second pet cockatile- back to sackville with us. then took a quick trip out to tantallon and had lunch with mom and dad before the long drive back, and arrived just in time to study a few hours for my 9am exam today!
whew. ok, so yea. awesome.
i love it.

Monday, December 06, 2004

So I says to Gord, I says

Oh. wow.
That was just... awesome.
more later- study now: exam tomorrow.

-psyched, tired, content.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

we locked ourselves out.
i finally met my neighbours- as in "met" and talked to while we called and waited for the landlord to come over and let us back in. sat in their living room as they cleaned and did slightly more than small talk. complained about the guys downstairs. the couple nextdoor is so cute. we love them. they borrow our vacuume. we made a pact to spend more time together, it'll never come through. but the empty promises are a nice gesture, really.
we have the guys downstairs on our msn's. one of them is named "D. Sanchez", something about "sodomy" /"sodomyou" and a "vagina rodeo"... i'm not impressed.
Things I love About Sackville:

-"The Pub"
-Salvation Army / Frenchy's
-Backlot Video (& Chris!)
-Striker's Bowling
-"Shopping", wandering, and getting coffee: repeat.
-The Swan Pond, even when frozen
-Where "everybody knows your name"... or is that cheers?
-BigStop [I know it's technically in Aulac, but still..]
-meeting "strangers" in a town of 5000 pple.
-Seeing your profs and your drinking buddies at the same location.
-everything is connected, even you.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Recipe for an Essay

1 oz vodka
1 oz water
1/2 oz real lime

shake, strain, write, repeat.

Curtis would be proud.