Wednesday, November 16, 2005

so coming home late at night to find your bosses car in front of your house is kind of strange. so is hearing your roommate complain about being stood up for a date with said boss. do your friends a favor and don't get involved with their employers.

ramsey [our cook] and i went to see "wolf creek" on monday- an aussie horror movie about backpackers who get abducted in western australia by a crazed outback bogin. the story is based on true events and the guy was never caught. ...glad i didn't put wolf creek on my list of destinations.

Monday, November 07, 2005

the things we do for love

Saturday night I went out for some drinks with my new boss, Paul, and my housemate, Tania. Paul was working late at the restaurant first, so Tania and I sat around the house listening to music and drinking wine for most of the night. After that and a mohito at the club, Tania was having a hard time remembering her name. Undiscouraged, Paul took that to mean this was his chance, and made out with her for an hour in his car after dropping us off. The next morning, after a couple of asprins, Tania's friend Linda took us to the beach for the afternoon, while I recounted the night's events to jog Tan's memory- which had failed to even recall what Paul looked like. Maybe they'll have better luck at their date later this week.