Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kazaa sucks

i can't download anything and it's crashing my computer. *frown*
anyone have other program recommendations? i just found a list of older songs tucked in a book that i kinda forgot about and want back:

-red right hand- nick cave and the bad seeds
-guinevere- crosby, stills, nash, and young
-stop whispering- radiohead
-dreams- cranberries
-wake up dead man- U2
-mmm..mmm..mmm..mmm- crash test dummies
-she's not there- zombies
-time of the season- zombies
-castles made of sand- hendrix

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's a sad day when a trip to the Amherst Superstore excites you.

I now have a DVD player!! now if only i didn't have a stone-age TV... i could actually use it.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

what's up?
couldn't explain it if i tried.
everything and nothing is wrong.
things that made me smile this weekend:

-slacking with carolyn
-sackville fall fair, the parade, the go-kart derby
-antique shopping with lindsay
-carolyn almost 'freeing' damien
-gettin 'hooched' and dancin.
-deciding to get trashed and still not really doing so.
-the four person "cuddle puddle"
-silence of the lambs
-warm sun and reading in the grass

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ride the Wave

So with the birds, the three roommates, a painting party at the front door, and two days of hammering re-upholstery nails.. i'm pretty sure we've lost any shred of a "good neighbour" reputation we might have previously had.
But, given that the couple next door plays loud music, the guys downstairs have glass-throwing competitions at 1am on sundays, and the girl upstairs stomps around in heels so much that we've decided she doesn't have knees... we don't really care how loud we are anymore.

It's getting worse you know.
not the noise, i mean my apathy for school. As i bullshitted my way through an explanation of the readings i didn't do in Anth class today- my prof gives me a smile and says, "it's Suzanne, right?" yes. "I've heard good things about you. Dr. Adlam says you're a wonderful student." Does he? That's interesting since yesterday he didn't know my name.
So.. i'm wondering how long I can get away with riding on my good reputation alone.
all my profs seem to love me, and appearently they pass on their good-student opinions. maybe if i just talk/argue points in class a lot it'll be enough... participation counts for like 25% in a couple of my classes. heh. Any bets on how long until they clue in that i've stopped trying?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

i'm so sick :(

my head is a fog.
i can't concentrate on anything, mostly because i'm sniffing/sneezing/coughing every 2.5 seconds.
i need chicken soup, hot chocolate, a good book, and a lack of work.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

M = [ab/dc]
detM = det(a) - det(c)
Vnxn submat vices of m, a, c

I found it on a magnetic chalkboard on my fridge.
I guess it's been there all along.
like talking to a brick wall

the house is cold
the heat is on
the wind won't stop
the birds are screaming
just as if they know.

shh, hush, be quiet now
i've turned down the blanket
lit the fire
the screen's on low
it's barely there
a steaming cup to go.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

  • i've been out of it for weeks now. i'm trying to get back 'in' but it's sooo much easier to keep on slacking.
  • i've done more drinking these past couple of weeks than probably all summer months combined.
  • i walked home at 7am, not because i slept somewhere else, but because i didn't sleep at all.
  • i was roudy last night and started several spars. i'm bruised.
  • i dumped beer on mackinnon, got hit on a lot by a 44 yr old man, kissed shelly on the pool table, had a confusing talk with jebus, and in a strange turn of events ended up watching the poor drawing of a diagram of the female anatomy.
  • i'm impressed that nobody got naked this time.

the unlpanned days can be the best ones. i enjoyed meeting colin. it's weird that he thinks i'm like brigid. but she's a cool gal, so that's ok.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Stood in the pooring rain all afternoon for the homecoming game- at half-time the MTA Mounties were up 3:2. It was a happy moment.
..By the end, the only one on the field who managed *not* to get pummled into the ground by Acadia was the streaker who did himself in, slipping on the mud. We laughed our asses off at his expense, assuming the grass stains on his crotch were probably payment enough. Then walked past his "get-away car", who called after us, because they were looking for him. (worst wingman ever! you lost your naked guy. way to go.)

enjoyed mackinnon's game commentaries though- ["Take the price tag off, cause you OWN him"] i bet you spent all week coming up with those ;P especially the part where you admit over the speakerphone that you have no idea what you're talking about. but the play is "good; cause I Rock!"

last night's wine tasting was good- but weird.. it was roudy! the hosts had to yell over the crowd. it's all those noisy allumni ;) just had a long hot shower to warm up.. in a few hrs i'll be serving them all drinks.


it's for the best anyway.
i've had, direly needed, anonymous help.
i'm stepping back.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

*whistle* [you know, the 2-tone kind guys make when they see a hot girl]
peep peep.
peep peep.
whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle... .tweet.
peep peep whistle SCREECH! whistle squack.

it's getting ugly.

101 ways to kill Damen :
(Carolyn's pet Cockatile)

1) introduce him to Melissa's pet Hershey
2) let him 'fly free' and tell him to "hurry up and fly south little fucker" before sackville winters catch up.
3) sell him to the biology department for experiments
4) "Oh REALLY? I thought cyanide was Healthy for birds!! silly me.."
5) Give him a bath in a deep deep tub.

6) Tropical stir fry... Tastes like chicken.
7) I always wanted a feather pillow.
8) a fight to the death with cleary. [hmm.. that may not give the desired result]
feel free to add to the list from the comments section!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

we're all such slackers with this blog-business lately.

'kinnon; i found a picture of us from grade ten. it's fun- we're in the lockers at john a. i'll try to remember to bring it next time i see ya. will you be at ze pub on tues?

It ll started with a trip to mealhall.
So Carolyn and I ran errands after brunch, found fabric with which to recover our ugly chairs, and spontaneously decided our apartment needed more colour. (Decorator magazines are a bad influence..) so we biked to the paint store, and the liqour store. and at 6:30 we started painting and drinking Sangria. after having completed the 'living room' we moved on to the front door, where we painted [by then somewhat sloppily] giggled profusely.
So our hall / living room area is now a ridiculous shade of orange.. somewhere between salmon, watermelon, and something incomprehensibly bright. i've changed my blog background to give you some idea.
we love it.
whoever moves in next is going to think we were retarded.

Pictures will follow once Carolyn gets them off her digital for me.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Little Pockets of Rage

Lying bastard, you owe me 400$. Pay less attention to your fucking cats and start living your life in some kind of order. I spent all summer chasing after you, listened to your stories for half an hour this weekend, and in the end my wallet is still no thicker. Now i have to find a way back into Moncton so i can bang on your door and kick your 40 year old ass.


oh and just to make my life easier, the bitches are back. Stop trespassing- sociology is *my* major. I don't take canadian or environmental studies classes just so I can laugh at you from the back of the room.

Day 1, and I'm beyond laughing about it.

Monday, September 06, 2004

I have slept a ridiculous amount in the past 4 days.

I have [in no particular order]: cleaned, cooked, organized, drank with Jill, gone shopping in moncton, dyed my hair dark brown again [the accidental red had to go], tried to escape from john mackenzie's front entry for 20 mins, talked with carolyn for a long time about boys and sex over poorly made coffee, found a vcr in my hall, cuddled and played with Milo, seen fewer familiar people than i had expected, made an awesome new top with spare fabric and no pattern, laughed at the rocking noises from upstairs, quietly ignored the rocking noises from the next room, listened to a lot of music, missed my chance at getting a cool fedora from salvation army.

and slept.

classes start tomorrow.

Friday, September 03, 2004

why is it cold already?

last year the apartment was super hot for the first few weeks.. but this year it's cold already. poop. oh well. maybe it'll be warmer later..?

i'm so glad i never had to take summer courses- my roommate Carolyn's studying for her calculus exam tomorrow. i'm also glad i will never have to take calculus :P

yay, i love the apartment. it's quite different from last year. new stuff, different stuff. i threw away all your old stuff. Carolyn seems cool.. her 2 parakeet's aren't too noisy, yet.

i miss you kids already- come visit me! :P
or call if you like: the new number is (506) 536-8816.