Thursday, December 21, 2006

shopping escapades in moncton

i'm done. and i need a drink.
after 5 hours of shopping in moncton, i managed to get pretty much everything for everyone.. i don't think i've ever been so productive in one day. i even managed not to get too distracted by pretty things in the mall.

as i'm leaving the mall, lenny calls and asks if i can pick up a 300$ order of cheese for the restaurant before i head back to sackville. then i get into the car (that has been lent to us by the meldrums while we're house and dog-sitting for them over the holidays) and discover that the battery is dead.

i flag down a lady getting into her car nearby, who actually has jumper cables (the 6th person i asked). however, once she aligns her car with mine, she realizes she has no idea where the battery is in her SUV. neither of us can locate it (is was under other equipment that had to be lifted) so we flag down a man in a pick up truck, who eventually gets my car jump started for us.
then i realize i can't stop the car to pick up the restaurant order, because the car may not start again.

so i call jill, who lives near by, to join me for a quick drive so i can leave the car running in the parking lot. half-way there, lenny calls back that the store is closed, so we can't pick up the order after-all.
oh-well, can't say i didn't try! :P

now i'm going to spend the evening wrapping presents, with a bottle of wine.


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