Friday, July 30, 2004

the sky looks like a foreign object.
all that blue up there...  i'm not really sure what that's all about.

anyone want to hit the beach for an hour or so before supper? i get home from work at 3:30..

oh, and where are people meeting up for Wide Mouth Mason?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

so sleepy

Monday, July 26, 2004


The "Awesomeness Award" to:

Curtis Jennex
For dancing with me all night while *completely sober* at Pacifico on Sat.
He even kept away Trevor Oikle and a few others

yay curt

I'm about 15 emails into my registration.
the emails because somehow i didn't end up with some of the prereq's i need [because mta sucks and only offers like 1/4 of the courses in the calendar every year, so there's no way to plan ahead] and am gaining permission from the prof's / departments. now i have to start hounding the registration people to actually read my emails and see that my proff's have given their "ok"s. meanwhile, i'm hoping my courses don't fill up, as e-registration started last thursday... and if i get bumped out of courses i need i'm going to have to slap someone, and my computer screen just won't cut it.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

.no- really...

i am entombed in it.
it changes me, yet keeps me always the same.
and though it may leave- it always will be with me now.

i'm not yet sure what that means.., but i know what i feel.

cheesy, dramatic, and overly poetic? why yes.
but the fog has entered my world.
sinks into my lungs with every breath
pulls me down and sharpens me with it's dull, thick warmth.
and i love it.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

the damp haze

it has me feeling strange
like there's a new air coming in from the ocean
wraping around us, building, and growing.
it's thick and heavy
but i feel new and refreshed.

anything can happen in this haze
in the fog of creation

Thursday, July 22, 2004 do it to yourself..

A shout out to Mr. MacLean-  hope you had a decent belated b-day celebration.
I'm doing pretty well on my 4 hours of sleep, actually.
good times were had again.

"y'know i think you're super sexy"
says the cute girl with short blond hair.

only in the straight bars..  go figure.

and i just found out i have the weekend off- so at least i can use that time to catch up on sleep. or, more likely, do more damage :P

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Strawberry Fields Forever

Our kitchen transformed: jam productions begins.
two large flats filled past the brims with boxes and boxes of berries from the local U-Pick.
bright, red, and shining.
mom stands at the kitchen island stirring.
dad and i sit at the table preparing berries.

rinse, trim, slice.
rinse, trim, slice.

my hand wasn't used to the feel of the certain hold it had to take on the pearing knife. every now and then one of the slippery little buggers weaves sideways against the blade, and you feel the edge brush quietly past your fingertips. teasing by. it never did make good on it's threat.

rinse, trim, slice.
rinse, trim, slice.

bowls and bowlfuls cover the table.
jars and jars cover the counter.
jam for generations.
The mail arrives.

Package from Edmonton..
pictures :)
The Abrams.
outdoors under blue skies, surrounded by green grass and blue&purple flower boquets.
Melissa was such a beautiful bride.
Shawn is hansome. Looks honest and bright.
I am so proud.

says she misses me, and might come back for a visit in the new year.
On the envelope where she wrote her return address, i can see that she started to write Melissa St..
then wrote Abrams boldly over the "St". Takes some adjusting, I would imagine.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

afternoon in sun.
wilting, lilting; glistened as with dew.
lying, sighing; rebuilding into new.

dinner for one:
1 glass merlot
1 serving pasta primavera of yellow peppers, mushrooms, and cashews saute├ęd with garlic, topped with fresh asiago and parsely.
1 side sliced cucumbers
fresh, home-grown strawberries for desert.

"Did You Know?"
Pasta Privavera was invented in 1975 by an Italian-American by the name of Sirio Maccioni, while entertaining visitors on his property on Robert's Island, Yarmouth County. The site was commonly used by Maccioni for hosting wild boar hunts.

Pekoe... hmm. blogger has photo hosting now. but you can only use it like this.. not as permanent features of the template. weird. Posted by Hello
Don't Rain On My Parade

colours, chaps, rainbows, cheering, music, dancing, sunshine, 30 degrees, sparkles, bubbles, burlesque, crowds, puppies, dykes, bikes, beads, streamers, flags, fags, teens, queens, kids, smiles, mothers, whistles, water guns, hawks, jocks, and cocks!

"does this dick in my mouth make me look gay?"


vortex, dancing, shots, spinning, grinning, stripping, laughing, leaning, sweating. sure- pretend you don't enjoy it. ;P


reflections. harris, john, rodney, and the teacher who's name i regretfully forget.
.dance. .just move.
comatose ian- lumbering, stripping, slurring, falling. come to the van. it's time for a sleep.


looping the streets in a sea of grey fog.
ring. ring. nothing.
"we have a bit of a situation."
ring. ring. nothing.
should've used the child locks?
ring. ring. "where are you"
[somewhere where i don't know where i am...]
"what do you see? don't hang up. talk to me. what is next to you? what is the number? we're coming honey."
loop the blocks. "what was he wearing?" "there are a lot of cops out tonight.."
"don't hang up. talk to me. it's ok. oh thank god, ok, we see you now."
daybreak through the fog.


*retch* *dry-heave* "never..... drinkiing..... *spit* ...again"
yes dear. sure. so we'll see you here next weekend?
you just sleep here next to this garbage can.. ok?


morning sunshine :)
back to where it all began.
fruit and grease, morning after stories, and headaches all around.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

i am such chicken shit.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


ok, so the plan for this weekend:
anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.
[well, except hecklers.. ok, maybe even them]

-Friday night, we're still planning on hitting up the GEEK BEER for some more tunes, i believe? at the Dal CS building.

In case you didn't already know-
this is Pride week in Halifax.
while there are lots of things going on all week long, i'm sticking with the weekend activities, because i have time off..

#1) Saturday [daytime] The Pride Parade usually starts somewhere around gottigen st. i believe, and ends down on the water front later in the afternoon.

#2) Saturday [night] Dance Party at reflections [but will probably cross back and forth between vortex, reflections, and maybe NRG]

#3) Sunday [morning after] Brunch at Vortex

#4) Sunday [night] Drag show at reflections

if anyone is interested in joining me / us for any of these occasions, gimme a shout and i'll make sure we meet up.


Monday, July 12, 2004

I fall down just to give you a thrill
Prop me up with another pill
If I should fail, if I should fold
I nailed my faith to the sticking pole

I think I'm paranoid - Manipulate it
I think I'm paranoid - And complicated
Bend me break me, anyway you need me
All I want is you
Bend me break me, breaking down is easy
All I want is you

Steal me, Deal me, Anyway you heal me
Maim me, Tame me, You can never change me
Love me, Like me, Come ahead and fight me
Please me, Tease me, Go ahead and leave me
Bend me break me anyway you need me
As long as I want you baby, it's alright

Sunday, July 11, 2004

i don't understand the way his mind works.
i still can't tell if he knows and just doesn't care, or is so naive as to believe it can really work out that way.

i don't know why i care so much.
i want to watch out for her, and i want so badly to see her smile.
not the way she smiles with him, because i know with him there'll always be tears later.

she's beautiful; let her breath, let her be.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

a book.
a bath.
and a glass of wine.

Hurrah for Geek Beer

Jon, that was such an awesome idea.
we ruled that joint, and we are so going back next week..

i guess that was the boot in the arse i needed to get myself back into gear and get some strings, some new songs, and basically some new interest.

considering i hadn't so much as picked up my guitar in many months [except to tune, breaking my string] i figure i did purdy darn well.

curtis should definately sing more often, because [as much as he'd hate to admit it] he can actually carry a tune, and a drunken curtis chanting "die. die. die. die." is just waaaayyy too funny.

i also highly enjoyed andy's rendition of the "no shoes blues"..
we've decided that you should definately become a beatnik poet andy, beret and all.

next week: Jolene, Stevie Nicks, maybe some Garbage...
so many possibilities, kathryn. we can totally duo.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

crazy week. crazy weekend.
i don't even know where to start, to talk about it.

so i think i just won't.

it was good though :)