Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Reuniting with the bicyle

If you drive a car, and it's low on gas- I suggest you fill up ASAP this morning. we were just informed that gas is going up to 1.30 later today. [we keep track of gas rates at work in order to compensate the drivers, so we get a bit of a 'heads up'].

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i think more weekends should be spent in a sea of tents on a country hillside with 50 straight hours of music.

highlights from Evolve:

-Steve Kimock / Wasabi collective / Jungle Brothers
-Slowcoaster was awesome- most people said it was their best show yet.
-drum circles
-swimming in waterfalls
-naked girls with dreds [and i don't even like dreds]
-'roughing it' with a queen sized air mattress
-Dead-heads & hippie vans
-running into friends / dancing with random people
-playing in the mud
-really really really high people ['hey man, we're selling.. selling the light. see? it's free. but if you look close.. it'll cost you a piece of duct tape.' *hands me little piece of tape*]

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ze Germans yar coming

Last night I had a very clear dream that Ian was dating a young German guy with an un-pronounceable name. He had long blonde and greyish hair, and drove a van/bus with a casino inside. He toured around opening up poker games in parking lots and in people's driveways, as well as selling copius amounts of drugs. Everyone loved him.

Monday, August 22, 2005

weekends with lenny's family / friends are always amusing combinations of events. this week in halifax was pretty low-key since most of us out here work early mornings. but as soon as we got back to sackville we made the mandatory first stop at the beer store.

in chronological order, saturday went something like this:
brunch, golf, guests from london, wrestling, beer, poetry & rap in the sun, cut-throat-croquet, dinner in the garden, acadian fork game [with sing-along], champagne, mario-tennis.

i don't think there is any doubt that next weekend at the Evolve Festival in Antigonish will be even more ridiculous, though in a very different way. hope the weather is ok for camping. can't wait to hang out with everyone from the pub.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This has been the busiest week ever- and it's only tuesday.

Saturday morning I was working alone in the office when an Ottawa carrier decided not to deliver his two huge routes and to just go suspiciously missing instead. By 11am, over 50 customer complaints later, the routes were finally delivered by his boss.
In the midst of all that I somehow forgot to process the hotel numbers, meaning the system automatically used the numbers from last monday [over 1000 papers short].
This morning I'm still dealing with all of that shit, plus taking over my 2 coworker's tasks because they're on vacation.

Friday, August 12, 2005

cooking date?

yesterday i had a sudden urge to cook again. i found a wicked recipe for these asian spring roll things i had last month in TO, and i've been wanting to try making sushi for a while [without nori paper, because i can't deal with the seaweed taste- thinking about using spinnach or rice paper instead]. mmmm...avacado.

so, since everything is more fun when you do it with friends- does anyone want to have an asian cooking date? i have chopsticks and a sushi mat!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

well fuck.

something came up? suddenly i feel like it's december all over again.
the brownie points are low.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i was really looking forward to seeing him.
i know he didn't mean to, but i feel let down.
it's only a day.
i'll see you tomorrow.

Friday, August 05, 2005


i finally booked my flights.
it's official- i leave October 16th.
The original plan was to have a few days in Fiji at the end right before i come back, but this arrangement with the Chinese airline ended up being over 500$ cheaper, and i can change the return dates for free:

Halifax - NY, NY - alaska? i think.. but i don't even get off the plane here. Then on to TaiPei, and TaiPei - Sydney!
On the way back [next july-ish], i have two mantatory over-nights stops, one in TaiPei, and one in New York. AirChina pays for 1 [obviously, i pick the NY night for free], and i chose to have a few days in TaiPei before i head home.

this is going to be one hell of an interesting trip.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i think i'm dreaming in themes

i havn't remembered any of my dreams in a long time. yet last night i had two- in the first, i was back at mta for the fall, and living in residence. i was walking to mealhall with the same girls i first lived with. we were giddy, and it felt so good to be back in that comfort zone.. but i felt like i was setting myself up for something aweful.
then, in the second dream, i was visited at home by another past friend. but as i went into the kitchen, i turned around just in time to see their car leaving the driveaway.

in other news- i'm buying my flights today! :) yay!! the globe is taking forever and a day to get my pay cheques to me, so this is happening much later than i had anticipated. oh well- it'll be nice to have it out of the way.
just think- while you're all getting ready for fall to come and the warm weather to end, i'm getting geared up for *second summer*! hehe. and the best news of all... it seems there is a chance, just a chance, that i won't be alone over christmas afterall..