Tuesday, July 26, 2005

well my flight ticket may have said Toronto, but i could have sworn i spent the weekend down south at a summer resort. 4 days of lounging around poolside at a beautiful 1920's era house surrounded by trees, next to a river- a 5 min walk from Bloor street. caro's place is amazing. turn one corner and you can't even hear the city anymore.

ivan and i were picked up by carolyn and andrei thursday evening, and we proceeded to start the weekend off right. jon was able to meet up with us, along with a few of our friends from TO and MTA. swimming, BBQing, drinking, and playing music until 5am. gotta love it when the air is still hot enough to lay around in a bikini from dusk to sunrise. [i think i'm making the right choice with the australia thing].
her 3 yr old puppy 'Roxy' is too cute- the breed is called a golden doodle: golden retriever and standard poodle. tall and thin with floppy ears and little dreds/curls of blonde fur.

we did a lot of walking, and a bit of shopping- bloor and younge on friday, queen on saturday, and kensington market on monday morning. seeing a city with someone who lives there is definately the best way to travel. you get to see things that are uniquely interesting and get a feel for what it's like to actually live there- not just visit all the tried and true tourist destinations.

and for the record- i went no where near the CN tower.

PS: jon, sorry we didn't get to the Red Room. "plans" are tricky business with caro & co. plus, we were trying to save $ by not eating out much.


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