Tuesday, July 05, 2005

'fireworks emulating heaven'...

went to see the fireworks in bedford last night with my parents. how the hell did bedford, of all places, end up getting what was promoted as the 'largest fireworks display in canada'? well, they didn't last more than 15 mins, but it was a pretty spectacular 15 mins. didn't really know where to look next, there was so much going on at once, right over our heads and into the water.

but the really interesting part was how ridiculous all the traffic was. the bedford highway and hammonds plains rd were lined up for kilometres. when we got down to the main road [walking], we followed the crowd past sobeys to cross the railroad tracks to get to the park. but there were police there turning everyone back. so we walked down the tracks for 5 mins or so, [mom and i nearly running to keep up with dad] climbed up a hill [slipping on the grass in my flip flops] to a bridge, and finally made it into the park just as the show started.

apparently when everyone was fighting to leave as soon as possible, someone got hit by a car. and i don't doubt it. that was one of the largest masses of people in a small area i've ever seen, with the exception of the floor section of the metro center.


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