Monday, July 11, 2005

light show

i think someone just turned off the sun.
it's so dark outside from the dense cloud cover that it looks like we're having an eclipse. [plus, my tinted windows don't help]. thunder and lightening are just starting now, but our agent from the valley says it's been going for about 2 hours there, along with buckets of rain.
my power has flickered 3 times already, locking up my computer for at least 10 mins while it resets each time.

i remember working at Tim's when the power went out once. we played cards and waved customers away because w/o power we had no access to the cash registers and no water for coffee. we were informed that it would be off all day, yet due to tim's being open 24/7, there are no alarms in the building. so we couldn't just close up and go home. we had to 'man the fort' and keep vigil on the donuts.


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