Tuesday, July 19, 2005


this weekend i saw a 6 month old infant be "cleansed of his sins" and "exorcised of satan". yep, a good old fashioned Catholic baptism. that's great. i'm sure little Matteo has committed many sins in his 6 months of life. definately not an innocent child. there's catholicism for you- handing down guilt before you're even old enough to know what it means. he didn't seem to mind though- had his hair washed with holy water and got to chew on a candle stick.

on another note- someone's walking on my ceiling.
they've been doing work on the building this week. some guy's on top of my office for no appearent reason. yesterday a 'paid professional' came to fix the light in tanya's office. not only did he stand on her desk while she was at lunch instead of getting, say, a ladder... but he stood on her work leaving black work-boot foot prints all over her papers. them is some smarts.

however, this week is gonna be nice and short. i leave for TO thursday after work. and i am definately going to be ready for a nice long weekend. though i wish Len could have come with me- a mere 24 hours in a week just isn't cutting it. besides, it's his birthday today and i'm stuck here in my office. i'm sure he's making the most of it on the golf course ;)

jon- i'll have to get your number before i leave so i can give you a call when i get in.


Blogger Jon said...

I'll PM you my digits.
Do you need an airport pickup thingie? Hit me back on there.

1:03 PM  

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